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Japanese Cuisine's "Imoko"in catering service

"Sushitune Honten" Sushi Bar &restaurant

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Imoko Imoko Specialized in catering Japanese cuisines.
Sushitune Honten Sushitune Honten is a sushi bar & restaurant.
located on Shintenchi in Osu ,Nagoya.
Rough Mapping of Osu Rough Mapping of Osu
(How many maps of Osu on earth have I drawn ?)
Sushitune Group Sushitune Group List of Sushitune at sight.
Sushiyoshi Sushiyoshi a sushi shop in Tempaku-ku,Nagoya.
Thick sushi omelet Thick sushi omelet is preparedin a large,deep,square fryin pan and
is usually shaped with a special wooden board.
Goma Tofu Goma Tofu(Sesami curd) The usual one of menus on vegetable diet.
Tossed bean curd leavings and flesh piecies Tossed bean curd leavings and flesh pieces
Not known widely,but remember Uno Hana Ae .
Usually sesami or miso mixed bean -curd leavings tossed
with slightly vinegared flesh of halfbeak(mostly) chopped into shot pieces.
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Infomation on Ohsu Nagoya
Hope you wouldn't say you're interested in what's in here!

The above facilities are taking your orders by phone or facsmile.
We are pleased to take your orders by phone or facsimile.

In case of sending your mail to Catering Service "Imoko" or "Sushitune Honten",
please contact shidashi@mxp.mesh.ne.jp

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