Merchants' Town Ohsu
You're most welcome to Ohsu shopping malls and Nagoya.

You could even say the shopping malls of Osu have supported the commerce of Nagoya.Is it a bit too unlikely to say so? For there is a neighboring commercial district of Sakae noted for urbanized department stores and subway shopping malls/
On the other hand,Osu has shopping malls full of friendly and touchable atmosphere that makes anybody feels like being in the right way to walk even wearing Getta and sandals and also inclueds a compute-town fully loaded with hi-tech and PCs next to Akihabara's and Nipponbashi's and,for some reason,with old&new old clothes shop's dotting the area. A town that is getting attention from the young to the old. A town of mixture with a variety of goods in disorder,so to speak. That's where you find the very shopping malls of Osu! The whole length of the roofed malls is said to be at least 1,700 meters long where about 1,000 shops are getting Jam-packed.
You never fail to see merchants always standing by wherever you see pepole get crowded. It's been long since Osu was branded once as "the faded away No.1 busiest shopping district of Nagoya. " But,for some reason or other,Osu seems to be enjoying a good turnout lately. So, why don't you try to get part of reasons!
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interpreted by Tadao Hanai(

As for my,perhaps,mistaken English I hope you give me the benefit of the doubt.For this is the first time in 20 years for me to use English.

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