Colo-Proctology Center,
Social Insurance Central General Hospital

Dr.Yukio SUMIKOSHI, the present chief at the Center started it in 1960 a s a special division of surgery to treat anal disease. Today, we also treat colon cancer , rectum cancer, and inflammatory diseases of the colon as well. It is managed by 15 doctors ( as of April 1997), lead by Dr.Junichi Iwadare(Vice-President ). Patients come from all over Japan, and the Center is an extremely busy place, with 7000 new visiting patients annu lly and a 1000 patients who suffer from hemorrhoids and are waiti ng for

Surgeries and Examinationsin 1996
hemorrhoidal diseases
colon cancer 78
rectal cancer 86
anal cancer 18
colonoscopic examination 2933
polypectomy 1071
barium enema 1153

address: 3-22-1 Hyakuninchou Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169 Japan
(a 5 minutes walk from Shinookubo Station of the JR Yamanote line)
phone : 03-3364-0251 fax : 03-3364-5663