Sims's Position
Lie down with your left side down. Bend knees slightly, the right leg a little deeper than the left. This position is the easiest to take, the least embarrassing; women take this position. The do wnside of this position is that with people who have a large botto m or anus deep inside, the anus cannot be seen and we will need an assistant to pull the fesse to see.

Lithotomy Position

Lie on your back with your legs crossed, and pull your knees towar ds your chest as close as you can. This is the easiest position t o examine because the anus can be seen openly, but women tend to s hrink away from it, so it is taken by men.

Knee-Chest Position
This is the position to romanoscopy . Bend the knees until you mak e a right angle with them, and make your bottom go up as high as y ou can. Relax your elbows and keep your head low. Curve your bac k so that the anus faces the ceiling.